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About the collection
I guess it all started with my English name, which has the same pronunciation as a pig. Then when my friends started to give me pigs as presents, more friends were doing the same, either giving me pigs as gifts, or helping me to purchase them. And my collection have started to prosper since then, which was from many many years ago...
It has never been my attempt to challenge the Guinness World Record since I don't have a daughter to pass my collection on. I have been extremely selective ~ only the best within my budget were & will be added.

***Please note that all my piggies are not for sale.

About this website 
There have been time when I lost the incentive to expand my collection as I've come to the age I needed to think of what to do with them.
My hearty thanks to my husband, Tommy, who spent 2 summers shooting all my collection and designing my dream website, while I was accompanying our son's table-tennis-training in China.
This website rekindled my love for my collection. The photos were professionally shot & my collection were presented in their best form.

About me
When I was a little girl, my father presented my siblings and me a list of English names for us to choose. I chose the name "Pearl", a precious stone, and bearing the beautiful meaning of precious daughter in the Chinese language. When spoken in Chinese, it has the same pronunciation as a pig, the beginning of karma with my collection.